‘Altitude’ high-end hifi stand

‘Altitude’ high-end hifi stand

Arnhem, 8 september 2015. Paragon stands announces the all-new ‘Altitude’ hifi stand. With this revolutionary concept, Paragon stands lifts the standard for high-end racks up to a whole new level. Shaped out of the finest materials and best selected grades, this minimalistic stand is not only a jewel to look at, it also brings out the best of your individual components.


Altitude hifi stands offer unique features not to be found elsewhere. The heart of the structure are sliding and locking frames offering the customer the freedom to easily alter spaces between the individual components. Beautiful shaped alloy feet can be placed exactly in the right position below the components. These individual sliding feet are electrically isolated to prevent unwanted ground loop effects. The absence of solid shelves, the use of premium materials and our design do not only provide clean optics, but also -more importantly- reduce the adverse effects of vibrations, radiation and heat.

Altitude hifi stands are hand crafted and delivered built-to-order. This means basically that every customer receives special attention in order to keep the quality standards as high as possible. At wish Altitude hifi stands can be tailor-made to match client specifications. Paragon offers a clean and durable solution for decades to come.

Pricing, warranty and distribution

Currently a distribution network is being established. Please contact us directly for additional dealer information in your country and/or location. The Altitude hifi stand will be provided including an unparalleled 10-year warranty on material defects. Recommended retail prices will be communicated soon.