Minimalist state-of-the-art design

“Designed for audiophiles, by audiophiles. Handcrafted with love & care”

Paragon Altitude Hifi Stand

” A unique & flexible design, build-to-order plus a 10-year warranty. This is our standard”


Paragon produces state-of-the-art stands for high-end audio & home cinema. Our beautifully designed stands are hand-crafted and shaped from the finest materials available. All Paragon products are exclusively manufactured in Western-Europe by experienced craftsmen and are offered with an unparalleled 10-year warranty.

We believe our philosophy guarantees many years of excellence and, above all, a second-to-none user experience.

About us


Paragon designs are based on flexibility, functionality and a timeless appearance. Being audiophiles for decades, we determined several key principles to start with and during the development process we performed many tests, including important listening tests to improve our concept. While designs and appearances changed; our design principles remained key. No ‘hocus pocus’, but actually proven techniques to achieve a better sound.

Minimalistic design – With our minimalistic approach we prevent the blockage of both airflow and sound waves. This means in a practical sense that the sound quality might improve substantially and the lifespan of your equipment will be extended.

Flexible design – Audiophiles often swap components and cabling to achieve the summum in sonic representation. However, no two components are physically alike. By offering flexible layers, we deliver a convenient solution for audiophiles that enables air to flow freely and might reduce possible side effects of electric fields or interference.

Reducing vibrations and resonance – Shocks, vibrations and resonances are picked up by any kind of structure and can’t be fully eliminated. We can, however, prevent the majority from entering the structure and prevent such energies from spreading trough the structure by dampening and decoupling techniques.


The basic concept, a highly functional, innovative and sound improving solution, was born out of a wish of one of the founders. Initial for personal use only. Many commercial solutions seemed functionally inadequate or offered over-the-top styling that did not match living room environments. Minimalists by heart, we thought we could do better. To create a one-off solution matching both needs and minimalist design. For many years of use.

During the development process there were no compromises made to create such a minimalist and timeless design, built to last for decades. The first outlines and sketches were drawn-up in 2013 and the preliminary ideas were translated into the first build early 2014. Developing such a ‘paragon’ solution appeared to be a time-consuming process, but the initial results were promising and ultimo 2014 commercial opportunities came to mind. This resulted in the establishment of Paragon Stands in 2015.


Paragon Stands is a privately owned company based in the Netherlands and is operating under Dutch management and Dutch law. Paragon Stands was officially established in 2015 and is listed at the Chamber of Commerce in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

Paragon Stands management is convinced that honest materials, honest labour and built quality make a positive contribution to our company success, our stakeholders wellbeing and the quality of our shared environment. In order to live up to our vision, we choose to source and produce locally to save substantially on our planets natural resources. This also enables us to continuously monitor the quality of the materials and humane manufacturing conditions.

Quality is key. This is what we promise with every sold product. With our design and engineering we aim towards a lifetime use under normal circumstances. We don’t want to compromise our promise and we don’t settle for budget solutions; we only deliver top-notch products with an unparalleled 10-year warranty.